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The beginning

Hi Fam.

I set out on a journey in an attempt to cultivate connection and community and find what that means to me. Many of us, have lost our blood family, or at the very least have faced some tumultuous times through our coming out journey. This leads many of us to the arms of our chosen family; close friends, allies, in others we meet on a similar journey whether in real life or online. I wondered; how could I join the two? What could I create that could provide a sense of family?

I had this void in my life that I was seeking to fill. I wanted to create a space not only for myself but others, that cultivates genuine connection and a sense of community. A place of belonging and a place free of shame.

After years of stumbling and bumping my head on what that might look like; Sunrise Hat Company was born. My hope is that it can not only help cultivate a genuine sense of connection whether that is through shared value or simply because you are seeking the same things that I am, and that we all are. A safe place to be exactly ourselves, connection to other human beings that make us feel loved, and give love in return.

Sunrise creates clothing that is here to encourage each person to step into their fullest self and live out their true version of one self. We hope that this apparel can come along with you in your journey.

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